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Improve your clinical outcomes, job satisfaction and end the day with your hands feeling great using a dry needling approach like no other.

A Unique Treatment Approach

Integrated Dry Needling is an original approach to dry needling that addresses tissue irritation and pain by resolving movement barriers, optimising movement efficiency and normalising tissue loading.

A New Way To Enjoy Your Work

You and your patients will love your new range of comfortable, versatile and refined needling techniques that will stimulate changes you will need to see to believe.

Treat The Cause of the Problem

Use non provocative movement assessment techniques to comfortably reveal the interplay and neurological relationships driving the movement dysfunctions that cause patients pain. Resolve them with advanced Integrated Dry Needling techniques.

Are you looking for a fantastic alternative to trigger point dry needling for your patients?

Physio Edge Interview with Andrew Hutton about Integrated Dry Needling (formerly dnp)

by David Pope, Physio Edge Podcasts

What is Integrated Dry Needling?

A unique dry needling approach providing practitioners who treat pain and movement an innovative system of dry needling to stimulate change in the neural, fascial and muscular systems to rapidly resolve movement dysfunctions and optimise movement patterns, addressing mechanical musculoskeletal pain problems and sporting injuries.

The Integrated Dry Needling approach was developed in the early 1990’s to successfully address the limitations of the trigger point approaches to dry needling (learn more) whilst providing a methodical approach to the treatment of mechanical MSK pain and movement dysfunction for practitioners within an western physiological framework.

For traditional acupuncture practitioners, Integrated Dry Needling offers a variety of effective needling techniques and a sound, functional movement screening assessment which provides certainty in the treatment and assessment of outcomes of the “branch” component of traditional treatments and the treatment of the tendinomuscular meridians.

Integrated Dry Needling provides practitioners with a range of innovative dry needling techniques which are used to stimulate change in the neural, fascial and muscular systems to rapidly resolve movement dysfunctions and optimise movement patterns, addressing mechanical musculoskeletal pain problems.

The Integrated Dry Needling approach is appropriate for all health practitioners who treat pain and movement:

  • Massage Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Myotherapists
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Podiatrists and Hand Therapists
  • Acupuncturists

Are you already qualified to practice dry needling or acupuncture?


Learn the Integrated Dry Needling approach in your own time online and immediately start to use this exciting approach in your clinical practice.

What you will learn in the Integrated Dry Needling Online course

Integrated Dry Needling Online Introduction

Are you new to dry needling?


Register for our Integrated Dry Needling Intensive study program which consists of two online courses, online tutorials and discussion and a fantastic live practical workshop to take you through all you need to know to become skilled in the  Integrated Dry Needling approach.

What you will learn in the Integrated Dry Needling Intensive Program

The Integrated Online Preparation Course

Includes all the safety, hygiene and contra-indications material you require to practice dry needling. Includes exam and certificate for 10 hours CPD.

The Integrated Dry Needling Online Course

The Integrated Dry Needling Online Course includes all lectures previously included in four days of the Integrated Dry Needling Levels 1 and 2. The course package includes all lectures, technique and treatment demonstration videos, the Integrated Global Assessment tool, and Range Technique Reference and notes downloads you will require. 9-10 hours of video lectures plus study and learning activities provides 30 hours in total


The Integrated Dry Needling Intensive Workshop

Two days of pure practical in a small group environment covering the Integrated Dry Needling techniques in a clinically relevant context progressing from the first Integrated Dry Needling insertion techniques to our most technical and skilled techniques

More comfortable than trigger point dry needling

Safer than trigger point dry needling

More versatile than trigger point dry needling

Less adverse reactions than trigger point dry needling

A total approach to musculoskeletal treatment

The Global Integrated Screening(GIS) Assessment Tool

The Integrated Dry Needling approach is based resolving range, tissue and movement dysfunction identified throughusing a sound Global Integrated Screening Assessment process which provides practitioners  and their patients with:

  • A set of pre-treatment, baseline data, a clear, goal-oriented, treatment plan and effective means of assessing progress and the effect of not only the dry needling component treatment but of any advice or exercise programming included in your management.
  • A clear means of determining readiness for return to the sport, work and training without using the onset of symptoms as the limit for testing activity levels.
  • Helps change patients focus from discomfort to dysfunction and empower them with clearly dictated tools for improvement.
  • Improve your confidence and satisfaction as a practitioner by removing the guesswork from your patient management with clearly dictated goals and measured outcomes.

Once a patient’s Global Integrated Screening has been optimised and a clinical reasoning process has clearly identified the cause for the initial screening dysfunction, effective, efficient movement techniques can be practised with our FISC (Functional Integrated Strength and Conditioning) Programs or similar movement retraining and conditioning tailored to the patient’s needs. As patients progress to more challenging levels, GIS provides a tool to identify any technique deficiencies or issues with intensity or frequency of FISC training before any problems develop.

Australian physiotherapist, Andrew Hutton, the developer of Integrated Dry Needling, graduated in 1990 and is an APA titled sports physiotherapist. Shortly after developing Integrated Dry Needling his clinical practice became focussed on the treatment of complex musculoskeletal pain and injury presentations. He also has a background in TCM and is a keen scholar of Japanese Meridian Therapy. The sound clinical reasoning framework of theIntegrated Dry Needling approach provides breakthrough and progress for many patients who have not responded to conventional physical therapy treatment approaches.

The Integrated Dry Needling approach has been presented in courses to over 3,500 practitioners in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia and the UK since its inception in 1994.

In 2016 the lecture material from four days of teaching was placed online and practitioners throughout Europe, Canada and the USA have been able to incorporate this wonderful dry needling approach into their treatments.


The Presenter-Andrew Hutton

Andrew Hutton initially learned both traditional acupuncture and trigger point dry needling approaches. Seeing both some uses but also many limitations of both for the musculoskeletal practitioner he set about developing a system of dry needling based on pain and dysfunction resolution using the minimum amount of needle stimulation possible to produce a measurable change in tissue irritability and movement performance.


What Is Integrated Dry Needling?

What is Integrated Dry Needling and how  does it differ  to other  dry needling approaches and and why you and your patients will benefit from you learning this  unique dry needling paradigm (learn more here ….)

Learn Integrated Dry Needling Online

Are you already practicing trigger point dry needling or traditional acupuncture and want to enhance your scope of  practice?  Looking to broaden your skills and scope of practice? You will love the Integrated Dry Needling Online training programme

What Is Dry Needling?

There are several established paradigms and approaches of  therapeutic, non injective, “dry” needling practiced around the world. The models of practice in which they are applied and the techniques used vary widely differ greatly. There are several limitations to some of the common approaches and Integrated Dry Needling addresses these effectively. (More about dry needling…)

Integrated Dry Needling Online

Video Introduction to the Integrated Dry Needling Online Course

What is it?

Integrated Dry Needling Online includes  all lectures previously included in four days of the Integrated Dry Needling Levels 1 and 2 live courses. The course package includes all lectures, technique  and treatment demonstration videos,the Integrated Global Assessment tool, and Range Technique Reference  and notes downloads you will require.There are 8 1/2 hours of lectures and demonstrations and allowing for  time to practice all  techniques and treatments demonstrated  in the course  as well as the  recommended practical “labs” there is up to  30 hours of study material provided. Registration provides 12 months unlimited access to all course material.  A certificate for 30 CPD hours will be provided on completion.

Who can do the course?

This course is suitable for anyone, who is already practicing trigger point, traditional acupuncture or any other dry needling approach. If you wish  to expand your musculoskeletal treatment paradigm and range of dry needling techniques and skills this course will deliver. Experience a whole new level of dry needling practice through a completely different range of techniques and treatment approach.

  • Physiotherapists/ Physical Therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Myotherapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Hand Therapists
  • Podiatrists


Integrated Dry Needling Online Program

Practitioners already practicing dry needling or acupuncture can learn the Integrated Dry Needling approach and assimilate the approach into their work by studying via the Integrated Dry Needling online training program.

View Course Content

Take Online Course

Integrated Dry Needling Intensive Courses

What is it?

The Integrated Dry Needling Intensive incorporates the  lecture and theory components of the  Online Integrated Preparation Course + Integrated Dry Needling Online + two absolutely action packed days of supervised practical Integrated Dry Needling covering the techniques included in Integrated Dry Needling Online. Check out the jam packed program.

Who can do the course?

This course is suitable for anyone who has not previously completed a dry needling course allowing them to practice or anyone wishing to further their skills in an advanced dry needling approach. It satisfies the face to face training and practical competency requirements for dry needling practice.

  • Physiotherapists/ Physical Therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Myotherapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Hand Therapists
  • Podiatrists


Integrated Dry Needling Intensive Study Program

This study package is designed for practitioners who are not already qualified to practice dry needling.

It provides:

  • the required  safety training  content in the Integrated Online Preparation Course
  • the Integrated Dry Needling lecture material in the Integrated Dry Needling Online Course
  • the  live training required to practice Integrated Dry Needling through attending the Integrated Dry Needling Intensive Course, which is a condensed practical workshop covering the entire suite of Integrated Dry Needling techniques and mastery of  the Global Integrated Screening, previously covered in four days of training.

See Integrated Dry Needling Intensive Course Program

The Integrated Dry Needling course

Also known as  dnp: integrated neuro-myofascial dry needling and Sports Integrated Dry Needling was previously two separate, two-day courses.  The lecture and demonstration content has all been placed online and the practical component has been condensed into an amazing two-day program.

If you have previous dry needling training in another dry needling approach you are welcome to do the complete program but may are able to assimilate the Integrated Dry Needling approach into your work after doing the Integrated Dry Needling Online course only.

If you have no previous needling experience or qualification you will need to do the Online Integrated Preparation Course + Integrated Dry Needling Online + Integrated Dry Needling Intensive. See training packages here and scheduled Integrated Intensive courses here

If you have previously done Integrated Dry Needling level 1 or would like a refresher you  will be able to access the material previously in Levels 1 and 2 in the Integrated Dry Needling Online course and then have the option of attending an Integrated Dry Needling Intensive course






Integrated Dry Needling Online Course Introduction

Integrated dry needling is without a doubt the single most impressive skill and treatment tool I have learnt since joining the physiotherapy profession. The integration of movement assessment, objective assessment and the dramatic changes that can be made using Andrew’s techniques make this an invaluable tool in any treatment kitbag.

Mark Homewood

Medical Co-ordinator, Carlton Football Club, Melbourne, Australia

Andrew, it is with no doubt that Sports Integrated Dry Needling tops the list of my ‘most useful courses ever attended’. It has changed my practice completely (and saved my thumbs!) and have definitely accelerated outcomes for all my clients. I’m still refining my technique but have had several people tell me it’s much less uncomfortable compared to other needling techniques out there. I will highly recommend it to all physiotherapists out there.

Shern Lim

DIrector, Physiotherapist, Work Lift Balance, Singapore

I have spent a lot of money and time on courses this year , and the Integrated Dry Needling Level 1 was by far the best of 2012! I have learnt so so much, the new skill of Integrated Dry Needling has changed my physiotherapy practice. In the few weeks since the course, I have had new patients coming to see me wanting needling done as they have heard from friends how amazing it is.

Lesley Coffey

Physiotherapist, Inverted Fitness, Ashburton, NZ

What people are saying about Integrated Dry Needling

Integrated Dry Needling is hands down the best thing I have done for my career as a physio.  Coming from a very soft tissue focused treatment system, the needling itself will save my hands so much work!  But  it is the other material Andrew covers that  is absolutely invaluable for helping to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together  .  It has saved me years of frustration at not finding the driver of people’s pain.  I can’t wait to see how far I can take this!

Stuart Dixon

Physiotherapist, Crossfit Athletic City, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Thank you Andrew  for an educational and inspiring level one course over the weekend!! I thoroughly recommend any clinician  book into an Integrated Dry Needling  course asap! Andrew’s approach to assessment and treatment (and clinical reasoning!) is eye opening and will challenge most clinicians current methods, inspiring growth and determination to become a better clinician! The needling techniques taught will no doubt be very useful in the clinical setting and I can’t wait to get started!

Linda Kocian

Physiotherapist, Move Physio, Adelaide, SA, Australia

A big thank you to Andrew for an awesome Level 1 course! The course didn’t just help me develop a new skill in Integrated Dry Needling, but also offered a different approach to observation and assessment. As a new grad I found this particularly helpful. Being first year out of uni it is sometimes easy to adopt a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to assessment (and sometimes I start chasing pain – guilty!). Andrew’s approach has changed the way I assess and treat my patients, and I am already seeing better results. This course was really interesting and Andrew was a great teacher.

Alana Pearce

Physiotherapist, Sports Feet, Dee Why, NSW , Australia

Thank you so much for Integrated Dry Needling Level 2 . I thoroughly enjoyed it. It definitely filled gaps for me. I feel like I have had a paradigm shift in the way I treat and assess the body. I have a filter for seeing the body as a whole now rather than with specific injuries or body parts. Your assessment template rocks. I’ve been getting some really awesome changes with my patients this week. It’s very exciting.

Natalie Gray

Physiotherapist, Sports Lab, Auckland, NZ

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