These  conference sessions will be fantastic and I am really looking forward  to seeing you there.  Andrew

To ensure you get the most out of the sessions watch the following short videos as see what we’ll be aiming to demonstrate. Familiarise yourself with the assessment process  and get an overview of the whole  Integrated Dry Needling process on the third video.


Download an assessment form using the link below so you can record our pre and post treatment assessment results as they happen

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AACP Conference 2016 Primer-Integrated Dry Needling Single Leg Stance

This video is a brief introduction to what we will be covering in the presentation/demonstration sessions

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Would you like to be available for selection as a subject for the demonstration session?

Integrated Dry Needling Assessment

This is a brief overview of the assessment process used to determine the individualised  aims and specify the location and type of Integrated Dry Needling techniques required to resolve movement dysfunction in the Integrated Dry Needling treatment process

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Integrated Dry Needling Online Course Introduction

This introduction to the Integrated Dry Needling Online Course provides a nice overview to the Integrated Dry Needling concept and what distinguishes it from other approaches.

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Online Course Discount Coupons Will Be  Provided During Conference Presentations

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